Researches of the DLNP Sector of Molecular Genetics of the Cell in cooperation with the Baksan Neutrino Observatory (BNO of INR of RAS) have discovered a new species of an extremophilic bacterium in an underground spring in an unused part of the BNO tunnel. To identify the microorganism, the modern whole-genome sequencing methods using the Oxford Nanopore technology and biochemical profiling systems were applied. The high resistance of the new bacterium species to heavy metals and the ability to process methanol were established.

The principles of operation and the benefits of using nanopore sequencing to decipher the genomes of new species will be discussed. The prospects for the use of a new species of microorganisms in biotechnology and bioremediation of soils and waters will be discussed.

Recording of the DLNP seminar given on November, 16, 2022, by Alena Yakhnenko “A New Species of Extremophilic Microorganism Discovered in an Underground
Spring of the Baksan Neutrino Observatory of INR RAS”

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Photos by Anastasia Malyshkina