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Today, on 23 August 2022, Vladimir Viktorovich Glagolev, a doctor of physics and mathematics, a DLNP Deputy Director of Science, celebrates his 60th birthday.

Vladimir Viktorovich started his career at the JINR Laboratory of Nuclear Problems (LNP) in 1985 after graduating from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute.

While working at LNP, V. V. Glagolev took part in preparing and performing experiments at the GIPERON facility, in developing and testing wide-gap drift chambers, the ionization-coordinate spectrometer, and in measuring the form factor of the weak decay of the charged K-meson. Along with his colleagues, he prepared the MARS-MChS project for experiments in B-physics at the Accelerating-Storage Complex in Protvino. While being at SSC-Lab, he developed the central calorimeter of the SDC facility for experiments on the supercollider in Dallas.

At the beginning of 1995, he successfully defended the dissertation “Development of calorimetry methods, their application in searching for К+-meson decays and in experiments at colliders of the TeV energy range” for the degree of candidate of physics and mathematics in specialty 01.04.16. After defending the dissertation, Vladimir Viktorovich was involved in the ATLAS, KLOE and CDF experiments. In the ATLAS experiment, he simulated calorimeter calibration methods with the weighting technique. For the KLOE experiment, he developed an e+ e- decay simulation software (Bhabha generator). The development of the background event generator was deeply appreciated by colleagues from the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN, Pisa, Italy).

V. V. Glagolev took an active part in JINR−FNAL (CDF at Tevatron) cooperation. He contributed a lot to the development, commissioning and application of the unique SVT trigger for the secondary vertex in the CDF experiment which allowed measuring a neutral B meson mixing parameter and precisely determining the top quark mass in the dilepton mode of its decay. This result was included in the 2006 PDG Review.

In 2007, V. V. Glagolev successfully defended the dissertation “Change of the top-quark mass, development and application of the secondary vertex detection method in c and b quark physics investigations at the CDF2 facility” for the degree of doctor of physics and mathematics in specialty 01.04.16.

After the dissertation defence, Vladimir Viktorovich headed the DLNP group activities in the CDF experiment. All the responsibilities of JINR were fulfilled under his guidance both for the development and maintenance of CDF facility units and experimental data analysis (multiple precision measurements of the top quark mass, investigation of high-multiplicity processes, search for the Higgs boson, etc.).

In 2008−2013, V. V. Glagolev successfully led the DLNP Experimental Department of Multiple Hadronic Processes. The department worked fruitfully on priority directions in international collaborations, such as CDF, ATLAS, Mu2e, etc.

Since 2013, V. V. Glagolev is a DLNP Deputy Director of Science in charge of high-energy physics, research methodology and applied research, and also of DLNP youth policy. Vladimir Viktorovich is dealing with the preparation of precision experiments on the search for rare processes of the muon-to-electron conversion in nuclei (Mu2e, COMET), DLNP participation in the T2K neutrino experiment, and in other projects having a great potential for developing new theories in physics.

Being a Deputy Director, Vladimir Viktorovich is thoroughly managing and scheduling studies and research in applied, methodological, and innovative activities of the Laboratory. Thus, functioning of all DLNP divisions responsible for applied inclinometer studies and commissioning of LINAC-200, the research complex at the electron accelerator of our Laboratory, is ensured.

The scientific results obtained by V. V. Glagolev were reported many times at seminars and conferences, preprinted and published in journals. He co-authored above 300 scientific papers. He supervised four candidate dissertations. V. V. Glagolev is a member of the DLNP Dissertation Council.

In 2010, Vladimir Viktorovich was awarded the badge “Veteran of Nuclear Energy and Industry”, in 2011 − the JINR Honourary Certificate, in 2016 − the JINR Honourary Diploma, and in 2021 his effective work was appreciated by the Note of Thanks of the Director General of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom.

The DLNP Directorate, friends and colleagues heartily wish Vladimir Viktorovich on his 60th birthday reaching further heights of success and new bright achievements in science!