Sergey Nikolaevich Dolya, a senior research scientist of the DLNP Experimental Department of New Accelerators, candidate of physics and mathematics, is talking about his new patent for the invention “Technique for rapid analysis of inhibition of living protein molecules”. The invention was patented on 18 July 2022.



More about the invention

Application: the rapid analysis of inhibition of living protein molecules. The core point of the invention is performing the nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR spectroscopy) of living protein molecules simultaneously irradiating them. The rate of the chemical reaction yield is compared to that of the control sample, and according to the results, the information about the impact of the absorbed radiation dose on the rate of the biochemical reaction is obtained. The engineering outcome: the possibility of rapidly performing and determining chemical shifts in living protein molecules using the NMR spectroscopy at the time of chemical reactions in progress, and under radiation exposure of protein molecules (Fig. 1).



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We heartily congratulate Sergey Nikolaevich on receiving the patent!

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Filmed by Anastasia Malyshkina