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Twice a month, the Polytechnic Museum holds informal Sunday meetings with scientists in the best bars of Moscow. They speak about the most intriguing things at the cutting edge of science — what kind of research is performed at laboratories, what was discovered and what discoveries are going to be technologies.

In May, the Deputy DLNP Director D. V. Naumov was invited to the Sunday brunch. This Sunday, questions of the host will be answered by Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, the chief DLNP researcher M. V. Shirchenko.

The area of research interests of Mark Vladislavovich is neutrino physics. He, along with his colleagues, conducts neutrino experiments at the Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant (the DANSS project, Detector of AntiNeutrino based on Solid State scintillator). Mark Shirchenko is well known to the wide audience as one of the translators and scientific editors of the translation of the TV sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”.

You can talk to Mark heart-to-heart at the café “Big Bang” in Zemlyanoy Val, 7.

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