On 2 June, the painting exhibition by Vladimir Ivanovich Komarov, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, the chief researcher of DLNP, will be opened.

Vladimir Ivanovich devoted to science almost 65 years: worked at the synchrocyclotron, participated in the design of the medical proton complex, performed studies at the facilities in Protvino and Jülich (Germany), was involved in experiments at the accelerator at CERN (Switzerland) and in many other projects.

Painting was always a true passion of Vladimir Ivanovich. Already during his university time, he drew sketches and caricatures. Then, he mastered oil painting. And plein-air sketches, landscapes, portraits appeared.

A retrospective review of artworks by the painter will be presented at the exhibition.

You are invited to the exhibition daily, from 15.00 to 19.00. The exhibition is opened till 30 June.

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