Research Directions

  • Particle Physics

    Experimental studies of hadron structure, origin of particle masses, interaction properties of fields. Search for physics phenomena beyond the Standard Model, investigations of exotic states of nuclear matter

  • Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics

    Experimental determination of lepton mixing in the Standard Model and beyond, of neutrino mass and its nature. Research of properties of interaction between neutrinos and matter. Multimessenger astronomy using ultra-high-energy neutrinos and photons.

  • Applied Research

    Design, development and usage of novel detectors for experimental research in particle physics, nuclear physics and biology; biomedical and radiogenetic research using different types of ionizing radiation; precision laser metrology; development of systems for new-generation accelerators and colliders for basic and applied research.

  • Biomedical Research and Radiobiology

  • Nuclear Physics and Spectroscopy